Manual Coin Counter

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  • Many patents design with wide acceptance. Applicable to coins or substitute coins of different countries.
  • Mechanical manual operation, no power required. fast counting energy saving effect, may achieve the number of counting as high as 800 pieces per minute.
  • The small size is convenient to carry on, Excellent features, accurate counting and selection of coins by comparison type, Four digits counter is able to resume to zero.
Coin Applicable to all kinds of domestic or foreign coin or substitute coin. [Diameter limit:20mm~29mm] [Thickness limit:1mm~2.6mm]
Counting Speed About 800 pieces (minute)
Counting Way Mechanical type calculating method
Back to Zero Method By pressing button
Number of Counting Digit Four digits. (up to 9999 pieces)
Coin Selection By analogy method
Way of fixing Use a fixing device to fix on the table top
Operation method Manual
Total weight 4.2kgs  (Approx. 9 lbs.)

Open the cover of the main body, pour the coins to be counted on to the cover.

Push the pressing handle of the counter to make it back to zero. (Upon operation completed, the number displayed on the counter is the actual amount of the coins.
Selection of coin diameter:
1.Turn the screw nut counter-clockwise.
2.push the coin adjustment block to the right.
3.Put in one coin to be counted first.
4.After loosen up the coin adjustment block, it will jump back close to the coin.
5.Lock up the screw nut in clockwise direction and fix it.
Selection of coin thickness:
Turn the coin thickness adjustment knob clockwise to make the coin thickness block higher, lower if turn counter clockwise. The appropriate hight shall be allowed one coin to pass through as principle. Too high will block the coin, while too low will make coin unable to come out.
Push the coins on the top cover on to the turn table, shake the turn handle at the same time to enable coins to come out normally. (Keep the coins inside the turn table less than 1/2 to make the turning much smooth).
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